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Acid Primer is a primer necessary for degreasing and disinfecting nails before gel or acrylic extension. It ensures adhesion of artificial material to the nail plate and prevents the development of pathogenic flora under the artificial material. Applied in small amounts to prepared and cleansed nails before applying gel or acrylic, avoiding contact with the cuticle and lateral folds.

Effect - maximum quality adhesion of any coating and long-lasting durability, even on problematic nails.

Application method:

Manicure. Treat the nails with a buffer or file to lift scales and improve adhesion. Remove dust with a brush. Degrease. It is important to wipe the brush on a lint-free cloth before applying to remove excess. Apply the primer to the entire nail without allowing it to run onto the skin. Wait for 1 minute for the primer to dry and evaporate from the nail. Base coat application. Leveling. Top coat.

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Acid Primer 13ml

6,90 €Price
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