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Bubble gel is a thick, medium-viscosity glitter, rich with multi-colored glitter of various shapes and sizes. It is a soft material, so it cannot be used for nail extensions or strengthening. It is designed for nail art!

Application Method:

  • Apply a base layer of Rubber base.
  • Apply the glitter with a brush on a standardly prepared nail plate in 1-2 thin layers, covering the entire surface of the nail or partially, depending on the desired design.
  • If there is too much clear gel in the glitter for your liking, you can place the glitter on a lint-free wipe to absorb the excess adhesive liquid, making the material better and more densely adhere to the nail.
  • Cure for 60 seconds.
  • Apply a top coat and cure for 120 seconds.
  • Thanks to its consistency and colors, it is destined to create a bright mood!

(Photos of the product on the website may differ from the actual product.)

Bubble Gel №4 5ml

7,90 €Price
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