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Platinum Gel is glitter infused with multi-colored particles, perfect for creating nail designs. It is a soft material, so it cannot be used for nail extensions or strengthening.

Thanks to its high-quality pigmentation, the glitter gel allows for an ideal nail plate coverage, even with a single thin layer. It has a medium density consistency, does not spread, and does not flood the cuticle. The glitter particles of different sizes and shapes in the gel are evenly distributed across the nail surface, creating a flawless look.

Application Method:

  • Apply a base layer of Rubber base LUNAmoon.
  • Do minimal leveling with the base/gel.
  • Apply the glitter with the LUNAmoon brush on a standardly prepared nail plate in 1-2 thin layers, covering the entire nail surface or partially, depending on the desired design.
  • Cure for 90 seconds.
  • Apply the LUNAmoon top coat.
  • Cure for 120 seconds.

Now you have the opportunity to create a beautiful design using Platinum glitter. This is a great solution for achieving a festive effect in creating unique manicures. (Photos of the product on the website may differ from the actual product.

Platinum Gel №2 5ml

8,90 €Price
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