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Cuticle Nippers STALEKS CLASSIC 12 NC-12-8

The Staleks Classic series of manicure tools is designed for those who prefer to take care of the beauty and health of their hands on their own. High-quality medical steel grade 40X13 is used to manufacture nippers in this series. Its excellent feature is the high chromium content and excellent strength, making it resistant to corrosion and slowing down the blunting of the tool.

The quality sharpening of the cutting parts of Staleks Classic 12 nippers ensures an even cut of the cuticle without much effort, leaving no hangnails. The angled surface of the working edges of the tool provides better visibility of the cuticle removal area. Model NC-12-8 has an 8 mm cutting blade.

The plate of the Classic 12 NC-12-8 nippers provides smooth and easy movement of the blades, distributing the load between the handles. It is suitable for those who are used to working with straight handle shapes.

Features of the STALEKS CLASSIC 12 cuticle nippers:

  • Medium-sized cutting edge length;
  • Straight cutting parts angled;
  • Smooth and even opening motion;
  • Stylish glossy surface of the handles;
  • Professional manual sharpening of the tool.

Cuticle Nippers STALEKS CLASSIC 12 NC-12-8

18,90 €Price
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