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A practical working tool is the perfect balance of durability, convenience, and aesthetics. The characteristics of the Staleks PRO Exclusive professional series reveal the master's potential and elevate their skills to a new level.

Staleks PRO Exclusive 22 Type 2 Magnolia - cuticle scissors designed for active use and high-speed work. Their rigidity and smooth operation ensure precise results.

Features of the Exclusive Type 2 Magnolia SX-22/2 manicure scissors:

  • Thin tips with a classic curve;
  • Made of stainless steel 40X13;
  • Blades sharpened manually under a microscope;
  • Precision cutting enhanced by polishing the cutting edge;
  • Decorative engraving.

Application of the Exclusive Type 2 Magnolia SX-22/2 scissors:

  • Handle rings fit on the index and ring fingers;
  • The thumb rests on the securing bolt, while the middle and ring fingers go under the ring;
  • The cutting edge moves from right to left during operation;
  • Suitable for sterilization in a dry heat cabinet.

Exclusive Magnolia SX-22/2 cuticle scissors combine high professionalism, comfort, and exclusive design.

Cuticle ScissorsStaleks PRO Exclusive 22 Type 2 Magnolia

25,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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