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Jelly Gelly nail extension gel features a unique jelly-like consistency that doesn't run, yet easily levels with a brush, allowing for flawless nail architecture with minimal filing. It's designed for nail correction, extension, restoration of damaged nail plates, and cuticle repair. Thanks to its viscous and dense consistency, nail modeling with this gel is easy and fast, even for beginners. After polymerization, it holds the most complex shapes and lengths well, keeping the manicure flawless for an extended period.

Wavelength for polymerization: 380-420 nm; UV/Led lamp power: 36-48W; Allowable coating thickness: 0.5 mm at the end / 1 mm at the apex; Full polymerization: 120 sec.


Thick consistency; Does not cause heat in the lamp, as it's low-temperature; Holds the arch well and does not deform; Non-acidic; Medium pigmentation, covers the free edge; Suitable for strengthening, extension, modeling complex shapes, and correction; Thixotropic; Changes its consistency depending on the air temperature: thicker in cold, thinner in warm conditions; Can be additionally heated to make the gel more liquid; Hard and strong; A Rubber Base LUNAmoon lining is mandatory; Natural nail filing is required for strengthening with this gel.

Application method for restoration:

  • Removal.
  • Do not file the nail shape, or leave a spare 2 mm length, which will be filed and removed after leveling.
  • Gently file the nail from the top with a 220 grit file, lifting nail plate flakes, or use a 100 grit buffer.
  • Perform a manicure.
  • Degrease the nail with Nail Prep LUNAmoon.
  • Apply primer if desired, but if the base for the substrate has sufficient acidity, primers are not needed.
  • Apply a lining with Rubber Base LUNAmoon: dry in the lamp for 60 sec.
  • Remove stickiness.
  • Apply Jelly Gelly nail extension gel to the stress zone of the nail and pull it towards the free edge, fully modeling the shape of the free edge. Ensure the upper line of the gel drop aligns with the free edge.
  • Cure for 120 sec.
  • File away imperfections, ensuring all side parallels are level, and create clear nail and cuticle lines (if restoration is being done).
  • It's recommended to apply another layer of base in areas where filing was done to prevent detachment. Gently apply with a gel brush and cure for 60 sec.
  • Leveling can be done with liquid acrylic gel or base. Ensure a 0.5-1 mm distance from the cuticle and cure for 120 sec.
  • File the shape after leveling to create thickness at the end, which will hold the free edge better.
  • Natural nail filing is necessary for better wear; failure to do so may result in detachment at the free edge.
  • Remove stickiness after filing.
  • Apply gel polish if needed.
  • Apply LUNAmoon TOP and cure for 120 sec.
  • After drying, do not wipe with anything, as it may affect the shine.


If using removers, wash hands with soap and water after use. (Product photos on the website may differ from the actual product)

Gel Jelly Gelly №5 15ml

12,90 €Price
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