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Liquid Light Acrygel is an innovative material for strengthening, leveling, and extending nails.

Light Acrygel is a symbiosis of polygel and base. It consists of more than half (60-80%) of acrylic copolymer, the main component of polygel, and a small amount of hydroxyethyl methacrylate HEMA (about 20-30%), the main component of base coatings. It can completely replace bases.

Wavelength for polymerization: 365-405 nm; UV/Led lamp power: 36-48W; Allowable coating thickness: 0.5 mm at the end/1 mm at the apex.


  • Acid-free, medium consistency;
  • Medium pigmentation, covers the free edge;
  • Full polymerization in 120 sec;
  • Suitable only for nail strengthening and extension;
  • Has good shock absorption;
  • When using this gel for strengthening, it is necessary to file the natural nail;
  • A Rubber Base LUNAmoon lining is required;
  • Can be additionally heated to make the gel more liquid.

Simple and versatile method for strengthening with Liquid Light Acrygel:

  • Removal.
  • Do not file the nail form, or leave 2 mm of length to be filed and removed after leveling.
  • File the nail from the top without strong pressure using a 220 grit file, lifting the flakes of the nail plate, or use a 100 grit buffer.
  • Perform manicure.
  • Degrease the nail with Nail Prep from LUNAmoon.
  • Use a primer if desired, but if the base for the substrate has sufficient acidity, then the primer is not needed.
  • Rubber Base Lunamoon lining: dry in a lamp for 60 sec.
  • Remove stickiness.
  • Perform leveling, during which the gel should be recessed from the cuticle by 0.5-1 mm and dry in the lamp for 90 sec.
  • File the forms after leveling, this is necessary to create a thickness on the end that will hold the free edge.
  • For better wear, it is necessary to file the natural nail; if this is not done, there will be delamination on the free edge of the nail.
  • After filing, remove stickiness.
  • Cover with gel polish if necessary.
  • Cover with LUNAmoon TOP and dry for 120 sec.
  • After drying, do not wipe the nails, as this can lead to loss of shine.

(Product photos on the website may differ from the actual product)

Liquid Gel Light Acrygel №15 13ml

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