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The company Staleks offers all nail technicians to complement their manicure arsenal with a unique novelty - the double-sided pusher PE-51/1. One part of the tool is designed as a rectangular spatula, which makes it easy to push back the cuticle.

The working side is moderately sharp, which makes it excellent for dealing with thickened skin without injuring the nail plate. The other part of the pusher is a small ring designed for removing adherent pterygium. The PE-51/1 spatula is made of 20X13 grade steel, which is characterized by high corrosion resistance.

The tool is monolithic, which completely eliminates cases of fastener damage and part loosening. Vacuum heat treatment and manual sharpening significantly extend the service life.

Features of the PE-51/1 pusher:

  • Developed for professional use;
  • "2 in 1" model - rectangular spatula and miniature ring;
  • Strong monolithic construction;
  • Rifled surface of the handle prevents slipping in the palm.

The new pusher PE-51/1 will perfectly perform delicate work and emphasize the master's image.

Manicure Spade STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 1 PE-51/1

9,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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