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The STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 2 PE-51/2 manicure spatula is a professional tool designed for performing manicures and pedicures. The working part, a "slanted pusher," is used for lifting and pushing back rough, firmly adhered cuticles. The slanted edge ensures convenience and precision during use. The other working part of the tool, a "ring," is intended for cleaning the nail plate from pterygium. Pterygium is excessive skin that can accumulate on the nail plate.

The spatula has professional manual sharpening, ensuring sharpness and durability. It is made of stainless steel 08Х18Н10 (AISI 304), which is highly resistant to corrosion, guaranteeing the tool's longevity and hygiene. The spatula features a ribbed handle that enhances grip and ensures reliable and comfortable use. The matte surface of the handle is pleasant to touch and prevents slipping.

Features of the STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 2 PE-51/2 manicure spatula:

  • The spatula has two working parts: a "slanted pusher" and a "ring."
  • The tool has professional manual sharpening.
  • Made of stainless steel 08Х18Н10 (AISI 304), which has high corrosion resistance and durability.
  • The handle of the spatula has a ribbed surface, improving grip.

Application of the STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 2 PE-51/2 manicure spatula:

  • Use the "slanted pusher" working part: To lift and push back cuticles, use the slanted working part of the spatula. Gently and carefully run it along the cuticle, pushing it away from the nail.
  • Use the "ring" working part: To clean the nail plate from pterygium, use the working part in the shape of a ring. Place the ring on the pterygium and gently clean away the excess skin.

For prolonged use and to prevent corrosion:

  • Protect the pusher from moisture.
  • Do not exceed the disinfectant concentration recommended in the instructions.
  • After disinfection, rinse off the remaining disinfectant under running water before placing it in a dry heat sterilizer.
  • Remove from the dry heat sterilizer immediately after the sterilization cycle and store in a dry place.

Manicure Spatula STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 2 PE-51/2

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Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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