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Metallic gel is a metallic gel paint for designs. The paint is quite liquid and is perfect for drawing compositions.

Application Method:

  • Before applying this paint, it is recommended to remove the tacky layer from the coating.
  • This paint is intended for designs only.
  • It is not suitable for full nail coverage or French manicure.
  • It cannot be used for 3D designs or applied in a very thick layer.
  • After curing, do not wipe the tacky layer or touch it with fingers, brushes, or other tools.
  • Cure in a 48 W lamp for 120 seconds.
  • When applying top coat, do not press hard with the brush, as strong pressure can smudge the chrome.
  • After applying the top coat, there may be a 10-20% loss of shine because the top coat absorbs the chrome in the paint. It is best to use Non-wipe top coat by Lunamoon.
  • Cure the top coat for 120 seconds.

Important! Before use, the paint must be thoroughly mixed for even pigment distribution. It is not recommended to use it as a standalone coating! (Photos of the product on the website may differ from the actual product.)

Metallic Gel №1 5ml

14,90 €Price
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