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Non-acidic nail primer Ultrabond is an auxiliary product for manicures, used to enhance the adhesion of artificial coatings to the natural nail plate. It has a double-sided tape effect.

This product has a safe composition and does not have a harmful effect on the nail plate. It provides good adhesion after drying, ensuring the durability of the coating even for the most problematic nails.

It is applied in the gel system as a tool to improve the adhesion of the material to the nail plate during nail shaping.

Product characteristics:

After application, a sticky layer appears. Non-acidic. Application method:

Manicure. Buff or file the nails to lift the cuticles and improve adhesion. Remove dust with a brush. Degrease. It is important to blot the brush before applying it to a lint-free wipe to remove excess and prevent excessive stickiness on the nails, as this may cause peeling. Apply Ultrabond to the free edge and side parallels, avoiding spills onto the skin. The product should not cover the entire nail. Wait for Ultrabond to dry for 1 minute or, for better effect, cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a base coat.


Top coat.

Non-acidic nail primer Ultrabond 13ml

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