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During the manicure process, cuticle treatment tools are indispensable. You can neatly trim the skin and thus prevent hangnails from appearing using professional cuticle nippers from the Staleks Smart 10 NS-10-4 series. They are a combination of impeccable functionality, concise design, and convenience.

The Smart 10 NS-10-4 nippers are designed for masters who find it convenient to work with small cutting edges of 4 mm.

Features of STALEKS PRO SMART 10 nippers:

  • Made of hard stainless steel 40Х13, which is also used for making medical instruments;
  • The miniature working part allows for careful removal of excess skin near the nail rolls;
  • Perfectly sharp blades and their full closure significantly increase the quality of the cut - the tool does not pinch the cuticle, so there are no cuts or wounds after treatment;
  • Manual double-sided sharpening and heat treatment in special ovens improve cutting ability and extend service life;
  • Metal plates between the handles create a light spring effect, making the movement smooth and soft;
  • Comfortable use is achieved thanks to ergonomic handles designed with the anatomical features of the palm in mind.

Staleks Pro Smart 10 NS-10-4 nippers are a reliable and efficient assistant, ensuring that manicure procedures are nothing but satisfying.

Professional cuticle nippers for skin Staleks Pro Smart 10 NS-10-4

23,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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