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The new UNIQ line of tools from STALEKS PRO combines the demanding requirements of the nail industry, innovative ideas, and technological artistry. This is the first series with product names.

Cuticle scissors Asymmetric UNIQ 30 TYPE 4 is the world's first design development with asymmetrical multi-level rings among manicure scissors. They come in two variants: with the lower left ring and the lower right ring. When purchasing scissors online, without the ability to try them on, it is recommended to choose the model with the lower right ring for masters with small hands. These scissors are designed for removing cuticles during professional manicures and pedicures. The asymmetric rings adapt to any ideas of the master, and the unique construction allows for various techniques and styles to be applied, changing not the tool but the way it is used. The improved shape ensures such precision in movement that even a novice master can create a flawless manicure. The narrow blades provide the finest cut even for owners of delicate, translucent cuticles without injuring them or the nail surface. The tips of the blades are curved, following the shape of the cuticle, which allows for precise and accurate cutting of thin skin.

The scissors feature elegant handles that feel like an extension of the master’s fingers. They are so comfortable and ergonomic that working with them is not tiring but rather turns into nail art. The tool is designed for right-handed use. The perfectly polished surface provides corrosion resistance.

Thanks to the hand sharpening, the sharpness of the tool is maintained for a long time, and the vacuum furnace treatment gives the stainless steel, from which it is made, excellent strength. The scissors can be disinfected and sterilized in a dry heat sterilizer and autoclave without loss of quality.

Features of professional scissors “Asymmetric” UNIQ 30 TYPE 4:

  • Purpose: cuticle trimming
  • Improved, lightweight shape
  • Asymmetrical, multi-level rings
  • Straight handle shape
  • Thin tapered blades with curved tips
  • Right-handed design
  • Smooth, easy movement
  • Anti-corrosion polished coating
  • Blade length: 25 mm
  • Tool length: 98/105 mm

Advantages of professional scissors “Asymmetric” UNIQ 30 TYPE 4:

  • Curved blade shape ensures a safe, precise, and even cut
  • Professional radius hand sharpening under a microscope
  • High metal hardness
  • Ready to use right after purchase, saving the master’s time and additional maintenance costs
  • Scissors can be disinfected and sterilized

Application of professional scissors “Asymmetric” UNIQ 30 TYPE 4:

  • Remove the tool from the packaging.
  • Disinfect.
  • Adjust the shape of the nails with a file and polish the surface with a buffer.
  • Soften the cuticle with a remover.
  • Remove it from the nail surface, pushing it back to the base with a manicure pusher. Treat the sidewalls.
  • Carefully cut the cuticle with the Asymmetric UNIQ 30 TYPE 4 scissors.
  • Polish the nail surface with a fine-grit file.
  • Use an antiseptic and nail degreaser to remove microbes, excess moisture, and dirt, preparing the nail plates for decorative coating.
  • After the procedure, disinfect the tool, clean it from impurities, dry it, and sterilize.

Rules for using STALEKS PRO scissors:

  • With an improperly selected sterilization mode (too high temperature, prolonged time, poor quality of used packets, low-quality equipment with incorrectly set modes), a yellow coating may appear on the scissors.
  • The tool may corrode if disinfection rules are not followed: incorrect concentration of the solution, prolonged exposure time, poorly rinsed, and dried before sterilization.
  • Lubricate Staleks Pro scissors after each sterilization and disinfection procedure to maintain smooth operation and protect the joint from friction and sticking.
  • Pack clean and dry scissors in a case or place them in a box until the next use.
  • Always place the scissors with the blades up.
  • Avoid getting loose and abrasive substances between the cutting edges and surfaces of the tool that rub.
  • Avoid contact of tools in the cutting part to prevent edge damage.
  • Protect the tool from falls and impacts that lead to deformation of the cutting edges.
  • Store in a dry place out of reach of children.

Professional cuticle scissors Staleks PRO "Asymmetric" Uniq 30 Type 4

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Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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