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Professional cuticle scissors Staleks PRO Expert 50 meet global quality standards. The scissors are made of 40X13 steel and are hand-sharpened under a microscope. This allows the scissors to be used immediately after purchase without the need for additional sharpening. The curved cutting edge enables the removal of cuticles even in sinuses. They undergo all stages of standard cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.

Dimensions of the Expert E-50/2 model scissors: tool length is 93 ± 1 mm; blade length is 21 ± 1 mm.

Features of Staleks PRO Expert 50 cuticle scissors:

  • Hand sharpening;
  • Narrow blades allow for easy and quick cuticle trimming;
  • Classic blade curvature;
  • Designed for right-handed use;
  • Surface polished with GOI paste for added corrosion resistance;
  • Polished back surface of the blades prevents injury to the nail plate.

Professional Cuticle Scissors STALEKS PRO Expert 50 Type 2 SE-50/2

18,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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