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The professional hook scissors STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 3 SE-51/3 are designed for removing cuticles during professional manicures and pedicures. The tips of their blades are sharp and hook-shaped, mimicking the natural curve of the cuticle. This design allows for precise and delicate cutting of even thin skin without damaging it or the nail plate.

Thanks to manual sharpening, the sharpness of the scissors lasts a long time, and treatment in a vacuum furnace gives the high-alloy steel from which they are made excellent strength. The scissors have extended handles and are more suitable for right-handed users. They can be disinfected and sterilized in a dry heat sterilizer and autoclave.

Features of STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 3 SE-51/3 Cuticle Scissors:

  • Hook-shaped blade tips
  • Narrow blades
  • Straight, extended handles
  • High-alloy steel 40x13
  • Polished surface for corrosion resistance
  • Resistant to sterilization in dry heat and autoclave
  • Standard-sized rings

Application of STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 3 SE-51/3 Cuticle Scissors:

  • Prepare cleaned and disinfected tools, including the cuticle scissors, before hygienic manicure or pedicure.
  • Shape the nails with a file and buff the surface with a buffer.
  • Soften the cuticles with a remover.
  • Remove the cuticle from the nail surface by pushing it back to the base with a pusher. Treat the nail folds.
  • Carefully trim the cuticle with STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 3 SE-51/3 scissors.
  • Smooth the nail surface with a polishing file.
  • Use an antiseptic and nail cleanser to remove microbes, excess moisture, and contaminants, preparing the nail plates for decorative coating.

Professional Cuticle Scissors STALEKS PRO EXPERT 51 TYPE 3 SE-51/3

20,90 €Price
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