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Reliability and durability of work tools are highly valued by every professional. Taking into account all the nuances of nail services, Staleks develops and brings to market products that fully meet the demands of professionals.

The Expert 11 NE-11-11 (N7-11-11) skin nippers are no exception. Like all tools in the Staleks expert series, they are made from high-quality medical-grade steel 40X13. With proper use and sterilization, they do not rust and maintain their sharpness for a long time.

These nippers are specially designed for trimming excess skin on the side walls and cuticles. The tool size is 123 mm, with a cutting edge length of 11 mm.

Features of STALEKS PRO EXPERT 11 NE-11-11 Professional Skin Nippers:

  • Straight cutting edges without a tilt and with a significantly protruding "heel" allow for precise deep cuts.
  • Additional corrosion resistance is provided by polishing with GOI paste.
  • Multi-level hand sharpening of the cutting edges, perfect fitting, and polishing of the joint surface ensure impeccable sharpness and ease during manicure procedures.
  • Textured elongated handles ensure a secure grip for the professional.
  • The robust nippers are suitable for larger hands, fit comfortably in the palm, and do not cause discomfort during work.

Professional Skin Nippers STALEKS PRO EXPERT 11 NE-11-11

27,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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