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This is a reflective top coat with decorative elements of a silver hue, without a sticky layer, that will harmoniously match any nail color. It can make your client's manicure interesting and unique.


  • Reflects light due to the presence of fine shimmer particles.
  • Medium consistency allows comfortable work with the top coat and economical use.
  • Does not run into the cuticle and perfectly covers the nail plate.
  • Prevents significant heating of the nail plate during polymerization, thus avoiding a burning sensation in the lamp.
  • Provides strength, protects against external influences, and minimizes the risk of damage, ensuring 3-4 weeks of wear without chipping.
  • Reflective glitter in the composition prevents color fading.
  • Neutral odor.

Usage method:

  • Apply the top coat and cure in the lamp for at least 120 seconds.


  • After curing, do not wipe or touch the top coat until it is completely set, as it may lose its shine. (Product photos on the website may differ from the actual product.)

Top Bonbon 13ml

11,90 €Price
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