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Replacement pedicure discs make the service safe for each client, which is a crucial factor in establishing trust with the technician. However, the benefits of disposable stickers don't end with hygiene. A new disc with fresh abrasive allows for even treatment of the necessary areas and achieves the maximum effect!

The Staleks ProPododisc set includes 50 white replacement discs with a reliable adhesive base and an effective working surface. The disposable consumable easily detaches from the protective film and attaches to the rotating disc, then just as easily removes and is disposed of immediately after use.

Features of Staleks Pro Pododisc discs:

  • Convenient supply of consumable units in one package
  • Functionality and reliable quality
  • Soft foam backing for the abrasive
  • Choose your grit hardness, designed for polishing after removing calloused skin

Usage of Staleks Pro Pododisc discs:

  • Delicate treatment of the skin and polishing of the nail plate.

Differences between white and black replacement files:

  • The abrasive of the white files consists of aluminum oxide, making them more flexible, soft, and wear-resistant. Black files are made of silicon carbide, making them harder but more brittle.
  • White files have a fine abrasive grain of rounded shape, which prevents damage to the nail plate. Black files have a sharp-shaped abrasive that self-sharpens during use.
  • White replacement files have a stearate coating that prevents clogging with organic dust, which is absent in black files.
  • White files work better for filing dry nails, while black files perform well with wet nails.
  • The white color of the file is more hygienic than black in use, as it doesn’t show streaks or grooves after filing, and the light abrasive particles are not noticeable when they fall on artificial material during nail extensions.

The Staleks Pro Pododisc set offers versatility, speed, and hygiene.

White replacement files disc on soft base STALEKS PRO PODODISC 50 PCS PDFS

4,90 €Price
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