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Hygiene and comfort of cosmetic procedures depend on the quality of consumable materials. Replaceable files for skin grinding significantly facilitate the pedicure procedure in salon conditions while adhering to all sanitary and hygiene standards.

Self-adhesive disposable abrasives for the base disk from Staleks Pro are designed for quick and neat cleaning and grinding of the foot. The emery applied to the metal base frees the feet from calloused cells and corns, giving them a healthy, well-groomed look. After use, the sticker is removed from the metal surface, which is then sent for sterilization. A new abrasive is used for the next visitor.

Features of the white replacement files for the pedicure disk STALEKS PRO PODODISC PDF:

  • files are easy to use: they are easily applied to the base disk, which, in turn, is used as a cutter attachment;
  • equipped with durable and moisture-resistant abrasive;
  • have a strong adhesive base that securely holds the abrasive on the metal surface;
  • do not slip, delaminate, or soften;
  • recommended for gentle skin treatment as well as nail plate polishing;
  • guarantee safe hygienic pedicure for each client: the abrasive sticker is disposed of, and the base is thoroughly disinfected and sterilized.

What distinguishes white replacement files from black ones:

  • The abrasive of white files is made of aluminum oxide, making them more flexible, soft, and wear-resistant. Black files are made of silicon carbide, making them harder but more brittle.
  • White files have fine abrasive grains of a round shape, which allows them not to traumatize the nail plate. Black files have abrasive of a sharp shape, which self-sharpens during use.
  • White replacement files have a stearate coating that prevents clogging of the coating with organic dust, while black files lack coating.
  • White files handle dry nail dust better, while black files work well with wet nail dust.
  • The white color of the file is more hygienic in operation than black. There are no streaks or grooves visible on the file after filing, and light abrasive particles are not visible when they come into contact with artificial materials during nail extension.

White replacement files for the pedicure disc STALEKS PRO pododisc 50 pcs pdf

2,90 €Price
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