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Manicure without Сoating

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Service Description

The Classic Manicure is a fundamental nail care service designed to maintain and enhance the health and appearance of your natural nails. This service begins with a thorough nail assessment to ensure the overall well-being of your nails. Our skilled nail technicians will gently trim and shape your nails according to your desired length and style. The cuticle care process involves the removal of excess cuticle tissue to leave your nail beds clean and well-groomed. Your nails are meticulously filed and buffed to achieve a smooth and polished finish. This process helps to remove any rough edges and promotes nail strength and health. The Classic Manicure is ideal for individuals who prefer a neat and clean look without the addition of nail polish or intricate designs. It focuses solely on the essential nail care steps, ensuring that your natural nails are well-maintained and in top condition. This service is suitable for those seeking a minimalist and practical approach to nail care, whether for everyday wear or as a foundation for future nail treatments.

  • 1 h
  • 19 eurot

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