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Eyebrow coloring and shaping

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Service Description

Achieve perfectly defined and beautifully shaped eyebrows with our professional eyebrow coloring and shaping service. Designed to enhance your natural features, this treatment gives you a polished and refined look that complements your face. Benefits: Customized color: Tailored to match your hair color and skin tone for a natural appearance. Enhanced definition: Adds depth and fullness to sparse or light-colored brows. Perfect shape: Expert shaping techniques to suit your facial structure and preferences. Long-lasting results: Enjoy well-defined brows for up to 4 weeks. Service Details: Duration: Approximately 30-45 minutes. Procedure: Our skilled technician will begin by shaping your brows to your desired style using precise techniques. This is followed by applying a custom-blended tint to enhance the color and definition of your brows. Aftercare: Avoid washing your brows and using exfoliating products for 24 hours post-treatment to ensure the best results. Experience the transformation with our eyebrow coloring and shaping service, and enjoy effortlessly beautiful brows every day!

  • 30 min
  • 18 eurot

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