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Eyelash tinting

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Service Description

Enhance the natural beauty of your lashes with our professional eyelash tinting service. Perfect for those with light-colored lashes, this treatment adds depth and definition, giving your eyes a more striking appearance without the need for mascara. Benefits: Long-lasting color: Enjoy beautifully tinted lashes for up to 4 weeks. Low maintenance: Wake up with effortlessly defined lashes every day. Safe and gentle: Our tinting process uses high-quality, hypoallergenic dyes to ensure a comfortable experience. Time-saving: Spend less time on your daily makeup routine. Service Details: Duration: Approximately 15-30 minutes. Procedure: Our skilled technician will carefully apply the tint to your lashes, ensuring even coverage and a natural look. Aftercare: Avoid rubbing your eyes and using oil-based products to extend the life of your tint. Experience the convenience and elegance of tinted lashes with our eyelash tinting service!

  • 15 min
  • 9 eurot

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