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Full Arm

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Service Description

Indulge in smooth, hair-free arms with our "Full Arm Sugaring" service. What is it? Our skilled technicians utilize the gentle art of sugaring to effectively remove unwanted hair from your entire arm area. Using a natural sugar paste, this method ensures a comfortable experience with long-lasting results. Preparation: For optimal results, please ensure your arms are clean and dry before your appointment. If you've been shaving, we recommend allowing at least two weeks of hair growth prior to your appointment. However, if you prefer a smoother look, shaving a day or two before your appointment is acceptable. Why Choose Our Service? Gentle and Effective: Our sugaring technique minimizes discomfort and irritation, providing a gentle hair removal experience. Lasting Smoothness: Enjoy smooth arms for weeks compared to traditional hair removal methods. Natural Ingredients: We use only natural ingredients, ensuring the health and safety of your skin. Experience the Difference Schedule your appointment today and experience the silky-smooth results of our Full Arm Sugaring service.

  • 1 hour
  • 24 eurot

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