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Nail Extensions

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Service Description

By choosing this service, you receive a discount of 4 euro on the Gel Nail Strengthening service. Includes Removal of Gel Strengthening or Extended Nails priced at €8 as part of the service. The previous price was 8€, and the new price is 4€. Dreaming of elegant nails? Let us turn that dream into a reality! Our "Nail Extensions" service offers you the opportunity to get beautiful and stylish nails customized to your unique preferences. Regular nail extensions without intricate design and up to 3 centimeters in length: 43€. Nail extensions with intricate design and longer than 4 centimeters: 50€. Create your unique look with the help of our professional nail technicians, stay on top of fashion trends, and stand out from the crowd. We guarantee high quality and attention to detail in crafting the nails you've always desired. Trust us, and we'll transform your nails into true works of art!

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • From 43 eurot
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