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Oval Nail Correction

Service Description

We are looking for a model to receive an oval nail correction service. This service is ideal for individuals who currently have oval-shaped nails and need a professional touch-up to maintain their desired shape and appearance. Oval Nail Correction is a precise nail care service designed to enhance and perfect the shape of your oval nails, ensuring they remain elegant and well-maintained. Our skilled nail technicians will begin with a thorough assessment of your nails to understand your specific needs and preferences. They will then carefully trim, shape, and file your nails to achieve the perfect oval shape. The cuticle care process involves the gentle removal of excess cuticle tissue to leave your nail beds clean and well-groomed. Your nails will be meticulously filed and buffed to ensure a smooth and polished finish, promoting nail strength and health. If needed, a clear or colored polish of your choice can be applied to complete the look, adding a glossy and professional finish to your nails. This service is perfect for individuals who prefer a classic and sophisticated oval nail shape and want to maintain their nails in top condition. If the trainee makes any mistakes during the correction process, the instructor will step in to correct them, ensuring you receive a flawless and professional result.

  • 2 hr 30 min

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