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SPA Luxe Pedicure with Paraffin Therapy

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Service Description

What's included: Experience a comprehensive foot care journey, starting with expert nail shaping and cuticle care. Dive into our variety of options, each designed to pamper your feet and cater to your specific needs: Option 1: Pedicure Without Gel Polish, No Heel Treatment - 38€ Enjoy a fundamental pedicure focusing on essential foot care, perfect for those who appreciate a natural look without the addition of gel polish or heel treatment. Option 2: Pedicure with Gel Polish Application, No Heel Treatment - 44€ Indulge in our gel polish application for a lasting, glossy finish on your nails, complemented by our essential pedicure services. Ideal for those seeking long-lasting beauty without heel care. Option 3: Pedicure Without Gel Polish, with Heel Treatment and Paraffin Therapy - Price 44€ Treat your feet to a relaxing experience with our heel treatment and soothing paraffin therapy. This option focuses on deep moisturization and care, perfect for restoring and rejuvenating your feet. Option 4: Pedicure with Gel Polish and Heel Treatment - 50€ Experience the ultimate foot pampering with our gel polish application and specialized heel treatment. This option ensures your feet are not only beautiful but also receive comprehensive care, leaving them soft and rejuvenated. Each option is tailored to offer you a unique pedicure experience that aligns with your personal style and foot care needs. Choose your desired service and give your feet the luxurious treatment they deserve.

  • 2 hr
  • From 38 eurot

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