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Cuticle nippers are an essential tool in any manicure kit. With this instrument, you can neatly trim excess cuticles without spending a lot of time and effort. Staleks cuticle nippers from the Classic home series are the perfect choice for those who want their nails to always look beautiful and well-groomed. With them, you will forget about hangnails and cuts that a low-quality tool could leave behind.

The Classic 10 NC-10-14 (N3-11-14 (KM-01)) nippers are classic cuticle nippers with a cutting edge length of 14 mm and an overall length of the tool - 108 mm.

The choice of the length of the nippers' blades depends solely on personal preferences and the comfort of holding them in the hand.

Features of the STALEKS CLASSIC 10 NC-10-14 cuticle nippers:

  • Made from 40X13 steel, which adds extra hardness and corrosion resistance to the tool;
  • The cutting edges are positioned at a slight angle, making the procedure even more comfortable and efficient;
  • Professional dual-sided sharpening of the blades allows for trimming excess cuticles with a single squeeze of the handles;
  • Heat treatment in a special furnace improves the functional properties and prolongs the service life;
  • Reliable fixation of the working parts prevents play and ensures procedure safety;
  • Metal plates between the handles provide smooth movement of the tool;
  • Ergonomic handles are comfortably positioned in the palm, without pressing or slipping.

Thanks to the Classic 10 NC-10-14 Staleks cuticle nippers, cuticle care will bring only pleasure, and the final result will pleasantly surprise you.

Cuticle Nippers STALEKS CLASSIC 10 NC-10-14

18,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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