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Introducing Our Master Nail Artist and Instructor

At Maniküü, we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of nail care. We are excited to introduce our exceptionally talented Master Nail Artist, Tatyana, who is not only an expert in nail artistry but also a passionate educator.

🎨 Unleash Your Nail Art Creativity: With a unique talent for creating intricate designs of any complexity, Tatyana turns your nails into stunning canvases. Whether you desire classic patterns or avant-garde masterpieces, her expertise guarantees the transformation of your nails into breathtaking works of art.

💅 Perfect Length, Shape, and Style: Tatyana has perfected the art of nail extensions, crafting them to any desired length and shaping them flawlessly. From classic almonds to daring stilettos, she can create the perfect nail shape that matches your style and personality.

🌟 Beyond Ordinary Nail Care: In addition to her remarkable skills, her commitment to staying ahead of fashion trends ensures you experience the latest in nail fashion.

👩‍🏫 Nail Education at Its Best: Tatyana offers a variety of courses:

  1. Nail Extension Course: Dive into the world of nail extensions and master the art of creating perfect lengths and shapes.

  2. Speed Course: Discover the secrets of quick and high-quality manicures, reducing service time without compromising on beauty.

  3. Gel Correction Course: Learn the art of nail correction using gel technology.

  4. Manicure + Gel Polish Course: Combine the art of manicure with gel polish technology to create flawless nails.

  5. One-Day Intensive Course: Get comprehensive knowledge in nail artistry in just one day.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry's finest. Reserve your spot in Tatyana's courses today and elevate your nail artistry skills to new heights.

Unfortunately, our current master does not speak English. We are actively searching for an instructor who can conduct manicure courses in English.

Choose your preferred course

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