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The SMART series from STALEKS PRO comprises professional manicure tools made from high-quality steel polished with GOI paste. They are durable and resistant to corrosion. This line is designed for stylists who use them as auxiliary tools and for beginner technicians.

The professional STALEKS PRO SMART NS-50-4 nippers are used for removing calloused skin from the nail folds and cutting the cuticle during manicure procedures. They are compact in size, with a stylish matte finish that feels pleasant to the touch. The matte treatment provides scratch resistance and makes fingerprints on the surface less noticeable. This coating does not reflect bright light from lamps, reducing eye strain for the technician.

The STALEKS PRO SMART NS-50-4 nippers feature a unique narrowed head shape, improving visibility and control during use. The extended ergonomic handles are most comfortable for technicians with medium to slightly wide palms. With comfortable handles, hand fatigue is reduced, and the matte finish prevents slipping. A sturdy spring with two overlapping plates ensures a smooth operation.

Professional manual sharpening and the high hardness of high-alloy stainless steel allow for a fine, precise cut from the first attempt, and the tool remains sharp for a long time. If necessary, it can be resharpened multiple times.

The SMART NS-50-4 nippers are resistant to sterilization in autoclaves and dry heat. They can be disinfected with special solutions.

Features of the Staleks PRO SMART NS-50-4 nippers:

  • For removing cuticles and calloused skin during manicures;
  • Cutting part with a "heel";
  • Blade length: 4 mm;
  • Narrowed head shape;
  • Complete closure of cutting edges;
  • Small radius;
  • Tool length: 112 mm;
  • Smooth surface with a matte finish;
  • Handle shape and length: curved and extended;
  • Type of return spring: double (two plates);
  • Material: alloy steel;
  • Multi-level manual sharpening, can be resharpened multiple times;
  • Resistant to sterilization and disinfection.

Using the Staleks SMART NS-50-4 nippers:

  • Remove the Staleks SMART tool from its case or packaging.
  • Disinfect the tool.
  • Use during a manicure to cut cuticles and remove calloused skin from the nail folds.
  • After the procedure, disinfect the nippers, clean them of debris, dry them, and sterilize them.
  • Yellow residue may appear if the sterilization mode is incorrect (too high temperature, prolonged time, poor quality of used bags, low-quality equipment with improperly set modes).
  • The tool can corrode if disinfection rules are not followed: incorrect solution concentration, prolonged exposure time, poorly rinsed and dried tool before sterilization.
  • Lubricate it after each sterilization and disinfection procedure to maintain smooth operation and protect the joint from friction and sticking.
  • Pack clean and dry nippers in a case or place them in a box until the next use.

Professional Cuticle Nippers for Skin STALEKS PRO SMART 50 NS-50-4

23,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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