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Treatment of the free edge of nails should be performed very carefully and with the use of only quality instruments. Preventing damage to the nail plate and making the working process comfortable for both the master and the client can be achieved with Staleks nippers, which represent the Expert 60 series of professional tools. Intended for thin and soft nails, the NE-60-12 (N7-60-12 (K-18)) nippers have a length of 124 mm and cutting edge length of 12 mm.

Features of STALEKS PRO EXPERT 60 NE-60-12 nail nippers:

  • Made of 40Х13 grade steel, a material known for its high strength and resistance to corrosion;
  • The massive working part with straight cutting edges and sharp blades allows for easily "biting off" even the thickest nail without injuring its structure;
  • Manual sharpening and vacuum heat treatment add strength to the tool and improve its functional characteristics;
  • The parts of the nippers are securely fastened, preventing play and ensuring smooth operation;
  • The shape of the handles is designed with consideration for the anatomical features of the palm;
  • The inclusion of metal plates creates a light spring effect, making the tool even more comfortable to use.

The practicality and ergonomics make Expert 60 Staleks Pro nippers an indispensable assistant for a nail technician striving for the best results in their profession.

Professional Nail Nippers STALEKS PRO EXPERT 60 NE-60-12

28,90 €Price
Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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