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Corn-shaped Bit – A Universal Attachment for Hardware Manicure and Pedicure. The bit is used for treating large surfaces (removal of gel polish or calluses). Since ceramic is significantly stronger and harder than metal, the bit’s teeth are sharpened much better and retain their sharpness longer.

Features of the Ceramic Bit:

  • Shape: corn.
  • The yellow notch is soft and has fine teeth, so it does not remove too much material at once.
  • Material: ceramic.
  • Application: removal of gel polish or calluses.
  • Withstands dry heat sterilization.

Disinfection of Attachments:

  • Place the attachment in a disinfectant solution in a special container or ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Clean with a brush and treat with a dry heat sterilizer or ultrasonic sterilizer.

(Note: Product photos on the website may differ from the actual product.)

Yellow Ceramic Bit for Gel Polish Removal

11,90 €Price
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