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Classic Manicure + Pedicure

-3€ Discount! +47 Bonus points to your registered account

Service Description

Special Offer: Save 4 euro when you choose the Manicure + Pedicure Combo! Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and grooming, and enjoy the added benefit of saving on this exclusive package. Treat yourself to a moment of well-deserved indulgence. Book your appointment now and let us take care of your hands and feet with precision and sophistication! Option 1: Manicure + Pedicure - Price: 47€: Treat your hands and feet to a rejuvenating experience. Our skilled technicians will expertly handle nail trimming, shaping, and polishing during both the manicure and pedicure. Walk away with hands and feet that exude confidence and meticulous care. Option 2: Manicure + Pedicure + Heel Care - Price: 53€: Elevate your pampering with the complete package. In addition to the detailed nail care provided in the manicure and pedicure, indulge in the luxurious treatment of your heels. We'll address any roughness, leaving your feet feeling remarkably soft and smooth.

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • From 47 eurot

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