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Classic P​edicure

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Service Description

Welcome to our cozy nail salon, where we take pride in offering our "Classic Pedicure with Options" specially designed for men. Care for your feet with comfort and style! In this service, we present two variations to meet your individual needs: Nail Care Only - Price: 29 euros: Professional attention to your nails, including cutting, shaping, and polishing. Our experienced technicians use only high-quality tools and materials to ensure precise and neat results. Nail and Heel Care - Price: 35 euros: Immerse yourself in a relaxing experience with a full pedicure, including nail and heel care. We will perform nail treatments, address irregularities, and leave your heels feeling incredibly soft and smooth. Choose the option that best suits your preferences and needs. Our professionals guarantee not only excellent results but also a pleasant experience, immersing you in an atmosphere of care and luxury. Give your feet the attention they deserve and enjoy the feeling of well-groomed confidence!

  • 1 h
  • From 29 eurot

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