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Comprehensive Nail Care Course

Master Nail Artist Program: Elevate Your Nail Artistry Skills!

Service Description

Course Details: Gel Nail Correction: Restore nail shapes, sculpt with solid materials, and perfect cuticles. Learn to create impeccable apexes and cuticle lines. Master techniques for parallelism and precise filing. Explore various correction materials and nail repairs by length. Familiarize yourself with different milling techniques and elevate your nail photography skills. Nail Extensions: Nail extension mastery in just two hours! Prepare nail plates, apply lower forms correctly, and work with gels and poly-gels. Achieve the ideal almond and square nail shapes without filing. Learn nail leveling without material waste and techniques for capturing stunning photographs. Manicure + Gel Polish: Delve into the art of combined and classic manicures. Shape natural nails into any desired form and achieve flawless leveling with a brilliant shine. Precisely apply gel polish near the cuticles. Gain deep insights into nail plate structure and diagnostic skills. Receive training in sterilization, equipment, tools, and materials. Master techniques for photographing your results to perfection. Speed Without Sacrifice: Enhance your efficiency without compromising quality. Efficient material removal, minimizing unnecessary movements, smoothing nail plates without filing, and rapid application of colored coatings without extra tools. Explore materials that boost speed and techniques for creating outstanding photographs. Join our Master Nail Artist Program to embark on a journey of nail artistry excellence! Your future as a certified expert in nail care starts here. Enroll now to shape your career. Models are provided by our company. Price : 13 day course 1589€ ↓Session duration is per 1 day↓

  • 6 hours
  • 1589 eurot

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