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Curved Nail Modeling

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Service Description

Curved Nail Modeling + Optional Elaborate French Design By choosing this service, you receive a discount of 2 euro on Gel polish removal service. The previous price was 6€, and the new price is 4€. Discover the beauty of curved nail modeling, now with the option to add the exquisite touch of an elaborate French design! This service combines the elegance of curved modeling with the unique luxury of the elaborate French technique, offering you unlimited possibilities for creativity and individuality. Our specialists use only high-quality materials to create the perfect curved form, providing additional strength to your nails. You can enhance this refined look by choosing the elaborate French option, where small decorative elements are meticulously placed, creating a distinctive design. Prices: Curved Nail Modeling: €68 Curved Nail Modeling with Elaborate French Design: €73 Choose curved nail modeling for reliability and longevity, and add the elaborate French design for that special touch of style. Book your session today to ensure your nails look flawless and fashionable!

  • 4 hr 15 min
  • From 68 eurot

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