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Elaborate French Design

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Service Description

Elaborate French Design: Elegance in Detail + Optional Curved Nail Modeling By choosing this service, you receive a discount of 2 euro on Gel polish removal service. The previous price was 6€, and the new price is 4€. We proudly present our elaborate French design service, where each detailed element creates a unique work of art on your nails. Now, with the option to add curved nail modeling for added strength and elegance. Choose the classic elaborate French design, where rhinestones, tiny beads, and glitter are meticulously arranged along the nail edge, creating an effect of unparalleled charm and sophistication. Or, enhance the beauty and durability of your manicure by adding curved nail modeling, which will provide your nails with extra strength and a distinctive look. Prices: Elaborate French Design: €62 Elaborate French Design with Curved Nail Modeling: €73 This service is perfect for those who wish to combine aesthetics and quality in their manicure. Our skilled technicians are eager to bring your ideas to life, ensuring your hands draw admiring glances.

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • From 62 eurot

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