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Manicure with Coating+Spa Luxe Hand Care

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Service Description

What's included: Begin with a comprehensive nail treatment that encompasses nail shaping and cuticle removal. Then, immerse yourself in our three distinctive service options, ensuring that your nails and hands receive the premium care they deserve, all tailored to your unique preferences: Cold Paraffin Therapy: Enhance your hand care routine with our cold paraffin therapy. This therapeutic treatment not only aids in improving circulation and reducing inflammation but also provides deep moisturization, leaving your hands feeling soft, rejuvenated, and youthful. The cooling sensation of the paraffin also provides a calming effect, making it a perfect addition for those seeking a holistic hand care experience. Embracing this therapy means treating your hands to the luxury they truly deserve, offering them respite from daily strains. Regular Nail Polish Application: Revel in a captivating manicure using our expansive collection of traditional nail polishes. With a myriad of colors and shades at your disposal, you're free to showcase your distinct style and flair. Total price for this elegant choice is 37€. Gel Polish Application: For those who demand perfection that lasts, our gel polish is the ultimate choice. Renowned for its enduring shine and resilience, gel polish retains its fresh and flawless finish for weeks, making it the ideal pick for the modern, busy individual. Opt for this and the price is 38€. Gel Nail Strengthening: Prioritize the health and strength of your natural nails with our gel nail strengthening service. Beyond just aesthetics, this treatment offers enhanced protection, preventing breakage and ensuring your nails remain in top condition. The total price for this protective treatment is 43€.

  • 2 hr
  • From 37 eurot

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